Men Haircuts for Petaluma

Restoration Hair is Petaluma’s number one choice for high-quality men’s haircuts. We offer a diverse range of services for men’s hair at a competitive price. We believe that men can greatly improve their success in many areas of their lives when they invest in a good haircut. A good haircut can really refresh your look as well as create an overall well-groomed, appealing style that is attractive to others. There are many popular haircuts for our Petaluma clients can choose from. Our team of expert haircare professionals are trained and experienced to execute just about any hairstyle ranging from the simple to the abstract. Whatever your style, our friendly team of professionals will be sure to come up with the perfect haircut for you. To help you get inspired about freshening up your look, we have outlined some different hair textures and types to help you determine what haircut may be right for you.

Find the Cut for Your Hair Texture

Thick and Curly

There is a misconception that this hair type is hard to style. With the right haircut, shape and product, this hair texture is highly versatile. For a retro classic, you can go with a high-top fade. Curly hair can be brushed out at the top of the hair to create volume. This is blended with a shave that fades into the hairline. Another classic look is to grow the hair out into an afro. This can be a bit high-maintenance, but it pays off in style.

Medium-Thick and Wavy

This is the most versatile hair texture. It can be grown out to about shoulder length to create a rock and roll shag with texture and layers. It can also be coiffed into a modern pompadour and blended with a fade to create an edgy bachelor look. Medium-thick, wavy hair can be manipulated easily, so it is simple to style. Therefore, this type of hair texture can be worn at any length.

Fine and Straight

Fine and straight hair looks very good slicked back. This can be done by leaving some length at the top so that it can be combed back with product. For more information about the styling products that we sell and how to use them, speak with one of our professional haircare experts. This hair texture also suits short styles such as buzz cuts and crew cuts. Hair that is fine and straight has a tendency to look straggly when left long. Our Petaluma hair care professionals always recommend that hair with this texture be layered for added texture and volume.

A Quick Hair Tip from Our Barbers

To maintain the health of your hair, our Petaluma hair experts always recommend to shampoo your hair no more than three times per week. This will ensure that your scalp is moisturized and dandruff-free.